Cruising places: where to meet and flirt with a women?

Many single men wonder where to meet women, where to flirt, what are the best places to flirt, etc. We agree that certain lifestyles make it possible to meet women “naturally” without doing anything particular. While others condemn to celibacy if we do nothing to provoke meetings.

For men who do not have the chance to be surrounded by beautiful women without effort, I will explain in this article where you can meet women.

Also, having the choice in terms of women to seduce will make you more demanding and more attractive (you will be less “starved,” more confident, etc.). You will see that if you give yourself the means, not only will you meet more women, but you will also seduce more!

Dating sites

Dating sites are an excellent way to meet women. After all, they are made for that! Indeed, they do not prevent you from meeting girls in the evening or everyday life. They are only a compliment.

Also, they work for you all the time: even when you sleep or when it’s terrible weather outside, and you do not want to go out, a girl can match your profile.

Finally, they facilitate the game of seduction since you go directly to the first meeting face to face with the girls you drag.

However, find out about the quality of the sites where you decide to register. Indeed, some will ask you to pay while they are filled with fake profiles. Also, avoid the sites of “hot encounters between adults” because it is also full of fakes.

Dating apps

It’s even more practical than dating sites because you create your profile for 2 minutes on your phone. But it’s also a bit too practical: women sometimes sign on a whim and are often not active 2 days after.

Registering on an app is less engaging than registering on a dating site, so many games will not help! Most women do not invest or are there to reassure themselves of their potential for seduction without really wanting to meet men.

But that does not prevent the apps can allow friendly meetings. We must not formalize, and we must play on numbers!

I advise Tinder, Happn, Lovoo, Once, and Fruitz. You can also test the Elly chatbot that we presented here.

The libertine sites

I advise you only if you are in a relationship or if you have a sex friend a little libertine. Indeed, as a single man, it is tough to find single women or even couples seeking a man on libertine sites.

On the other hand, single women and couples are the kings of oil on these sites. It is particularly easy for them to find a quality ass (because, no, contrary to popular belief, there are not only old ugly sites libertines).

In this category, I recommend Wyylde (formerly Netechangism).

Social networks

Social networks: another free way to meet women from your city on the Internet. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Everything is good to take!

The thing, though, is that you risk a random chat on social networks: you will not know if the girls you are connecting are single, or if they are available, or if they like men, etc.

However, it is possible to find girls that you will never meet on the street or in a box and who is not on any dating site, but are nevertheless open to a meeting.

At work

Many couples are trained in their workplace because the work promotes a dynamic of mutual help and cooperation.

Note, however, that this is the ideal place to start a “serious relationship” but not for an ass plan (because you would be obliged to see the person every day, then the discomfort may be present if sexual relations ever occur went bad)

Also, I insist: you should not be heavy when you flirt with work to avoid any potential charge of sexual harassment.

In high school and college

It’s the place to work for the youngest of us. Besides, it is generally at the age when we make our first experiences, etc. Many beautiful love stories start at college, high school, or college!

In the evening with friends

Who looks like, you can meet, in the evening with friends, people of your social level. And women who look like you are more likely to appreciate you.

Moreover, we are “preselected” since we are invited by someone we trust. The girls are, therefore, more open to meetings and less suspicious.

In the evening with friends, this is one of the best places to drag in my opinion.

The bars

The bars are an excellent place to meet people; the party atmosphere favors the game of seduction.

The main problem here is that most “free” bars have a ratio of 80% men to 20% women, which makes the game of seduction difficult as the competition is tough.

In addition, we do not necessarily want to sleep late or drink alcohol to meet people.


The boxes are a bit like bars except that most are paid (especially for men). The more expensive and select boxes are, the more likely you are to meet a girl because the male / female ratios are usually more balanced when you have to pay.

The libertine clubs

I would keep pretty much the same argument about libertine clubs as about naughty sites. The difference is that entry libertine club is costly and it is not necessarily the case for a single man, in my opinion.

Couples and single women will explode without a problem if you choose their evening (see the agenda of clubs libertines near you). Indeed, for example, it would be stupid to find you in a gang-bang evening if you are not candaulist.

The street

The street is not the easiest or most popular place to approach a woman, especially given the street harassing climate.

Nevertheless, the street is a public place, and we have the right to meet with consenting adults. I would say that the street is the most formative cruising ground. We do it; we learn a lot about ourselves and others. Dredging on the street can help you harden and get out of your comfort zone! And the best thing about all this is that it’s free!

In addition, I find it very romantic to meet people in the street. Not you?

The Metro

The subway is the “speed” version of the street drag. You have to be very direct and take the numbers quickly because people are usually in a hurry.

It’s also a bit of a free version of speed dating. Moreover, I do not necessarily advise to go to speed-dating (unless you have a certain age because it is not too fashionable among 20-40 years).

Shopping malls

Still a drag environment that looks like the street! But it is sheltered so say that it is good for the days when it rains.

However, be careful to choose his days of shopping malls: avoid the Saturday where there are only families coming to shop or Wednesday, where children and teens are too many. This overcrowding is not conducive to romantic encounters.

On holiday

woman on rest

On the beach or at winter sports, at Club Med, etc. Many women go off more quickly on vacation because they feel like it’s a parenthesis out of their lives where they can have fun without anyone knowing.

That said, you have to choose your place, and the time of the year when you leave, so you do not find yourself “out of season” with nothing to do or nobody to flirt with.

So where to go to flirt?

My conclusion may seem trivial, but everyone will find his favorite place of choice. It’s a personal choice. Each place of dredge corresponds to a profile of seducer, so choose what suits you best.

The important thing is to meet enough people so that we do not end up with a default girl, who we do not really like because we did not have enough opportunities or daring to seduce one that makes us vibrate.